View Full Version : adding honey and fruit to a second secondary ?

03-07-2006, 08:53 PM
plum pear melomel
6 gallon batch
15 lbs honey
juice from 6 lbs plums and pears
forma k
pectic enzymes
2 pk lalvin 71b-1122

og 1.082 to 1.085
racked at 10 days fg .0985
3 days into the fermmentation i added 1 lbs of honey
on the 10 day read gravity tasted and racked onto 1/8 cup of medium oak chips
when i racked it was clear so i sucked up some lees as insructed by the local brew shop theres 3/4 in of of lees on th bottom of the carboy now
its been a week since racking the oak has sank but i was not
very happy with the flavor

mead was dry and i would like semi dry
honey flavor was not srong enough
the peary was there in a pleasant winey kinda way
but it need more plum

so heres my questions
i think i need to add more honey (i just bought 4 lbs)
1 will rack this off the oak into a new carboy on sat. should i add more honey?
i realize this may restart fermantation and that ok
but if i want to add more plum should i do it at the same time as adding the honey?
i could always back sweeten later if thats the case should i just add the plum now and sweeten to taste later?
also when racking off the oak and adding plums and or honey do i need to send some lees through again
if i add honey now do i just mix it in are is there a better process?

thank you
the struggling mead maker

03-08-2006, 09:42 AM
I try to dilute the honey a bit with water first. It will make mixing easier. But you can add it straight and it will eventually dissolve. This is a good time to add the honey. For my tastes, SG of around 1.020 is a nice sweetness (give or take 0.010 depending on the specific mead).

There is no reason I can see to suck up some lees and a number of reasons to leave them. They may add off flavors. They may aid in restarting fermentation.