View Full Version : The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

03-13-2006, 08:02 PM
So, is anyone else hoplessly hyped about this game? With the game coming out in little more than a week, I can't get through the day without thinking about it. (...every five minutes.)

It looks incredible! Anyone who has played Morrowind will definitely be impressed. The graphics look so real; the physics is reported to be extremely life like. I also dig that the forest in everybody's individual game will be unique. You have even more freedom than in Morrowind, while the main quest will be more emphasised.

Any thoughts? And for you people who have neglected to care for your role-playing spirit:


03-13-2006, 09:25 PM
Nope, not in the least. I prefer my role playing to be more physical. The only thing that is even remotely tempting about the purchase of an Xbox 360 (IMHO) is that Microsoft loses money on every sale... which, admittedly, is even better than my current practice of refusing to purchase (or use) anything from them at all.


Fion Faolan
03-23-2006, 07:38 PM
I just found Morrowind. It's a blast. It's a shame you can't brew in the game though...

03-24-2006, 07:59 AM
Well, you can drink mead if you've got the Solstheim expansion. In Oblivion there's mead too, along with wine, ale, beer, and brandy. It's a shame they don't have the "drunk" effect like Fable does though. That can be funny if you get totally wasted.

Oblivion is awesome by the way.