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05-07-2006, 04:11 PM
How's it going? I've been away for far too long ...

Spent a bit of time looking for permanent work (contracting in the I.T. world just isn't all that...!), and then, once I'd found something, I've been spending the past copula months getting myself acclimated.

Sadly, my meads have been sitting around, somewhat neglected. Luckily, I'm in bulk aging for everything I've got. It's just about time to get things tasted, backsweetened, and bottled, so I'll have to make that a priority in the next month or so.

My root beer mead was ... interesting. It tasted OK, but the root beer and mead flavors didn't mesh too well right off the bat (there was a nice root beer taste in the fore and mid, and then a mild "jet fuel" kick in the pants in the aftertaste). I have one 12-ounce bottle left, and it's been, hmm, five or six months. I've been busy enough that I haven't had a chance to hook up with friends (and a fraternity brother) back in a brewers' club in Pittsburgh (TRASH - good folks, if you get a chance to meet up with them!); I'm hoping to make another meeting, and open up the last bottle with my fraternity brother and make a final judgement on it.

So... what's new around here?!!!

There's definitely a new look to the place!

How'd the AMA (?) thing in February go? Any new batches that someone wants to brag on? Inquisitive (although inactive (!)) minds wanna know!


05-08-2006, 10:36 AM
Hey Merry,

Glad you found some work! Everyone around here wants 12 years experience, and want to pay $8 an hour....LOL

*Lots* has happened since you went on sabbatical from GM. The IMA Mead Fest was a huge success (Oskaar was a hit!) and one of our own, GentleKngt and his Lady Wife won Best in Show for the Home MeadMakers competition, which got over *200* entries!

You saw how things changed around here...::grin:: I've been hard at work behind the scenes adding new content, check out the recipe database! (menu at the top). Mouse over the menus on the left too, you'll see lots of interesting stuff.

Anyway, welcome back!

Vicky - back from a weekend of shooting black powder, and one shoot left to go, Nationals at Ft. Shenendoah in Winchester, VA May 17-21