View Full Version : White Winter Winery Lawsuit Against MN

05-09-2006, 12:22 AM
This Is direct copy of email I recived from them today.

"White Winter Winery brought suit against the state of Minnesota to void provisions of MN law that prohibited us from accepting orders for our Mead over the internet.

A consent decree agreed to by the state last month in federal district court means we can now sell our product freely over the internet to MN consumers!

SPREAD THE JOY to celebrate we will send a SPREAD THE JOY t-shirt to EVERYONE who orders at least 4 bottles of our Meads between now and May 19.

Just write "SPREAD THE JOY" in the comment section of your internet order. www.whitewinter.com

Prices have already been raise in our shop. We're giving internet customer an extra 2 weeks to order at last years prices. Prices will increase on the website on May 20!

Wassail & Spread the Joy!

05-09-2006, 07:08 AM
Sounds like it's time to buy up as much as you can at lower prices, while you can. They make nice meads. Can they ship out of MN?



05-09-2006, 09:16 AM
It sounds like they can ONLY ship within MN, but this "victory" now allows them to sell over the internet. Let's hope that this is just the start of getting the ball rolling for us out-of-staters!

05-09-2006, 06:41 PM
White Winter is based in wisconsin. Wisconsin is a reciprocal state so wine shipments are allowed to WA, OR, ID, CO, NM, IA, IL, MO, WV. Atleast thats what freethegrapes.org map shows, maybe there are others ???

The lawsuit was becouse minnesota residents would have to call in to place there order . It wasnt much but it was still a restriction to trade between states.

I placed my order today should have it friday in time to try out this weekend ;D