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    For those who've yet to hear, Sam Adam's is hosting a homebrew Competition.

    The winning recipe will be distributed nation wide by Sam Adams in 2007.


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    Think they'd be open to braggot? I'm not about to enter anything, but it would be a feather in mead's cap to win this thing, or at least place in the finals.


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    "Entries must be received by no later than August 18"

    Thats not enough time!

    Totally lame.

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    I'm pretty sure that they have that competition every year.\
    There is always next year for a braggot. I really don't see why they wouldn't go for a braggot, except for the probably prohibitive cost mass production would be for the honey.

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    Hey Kace,

    Honey (like most things) is cheaper by the tanker then the pound, that being said, making braggot shouldn't be cost prohibitive. Where they want to go as a company would more likely be the stumbling block for the mazer.

    I have nearly to 20 gallons of braggot from 4 batches put up, but wouldn't think of entering any of it before the end of this year early next.

    For shits and giggles, I may enter one next year.


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