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    I'm just starting out and was wondering what size stopper would fit a normal 1 gallon jug/carboy. I'm gonna attempt the Ancient Orange in a while, but i need to gather equipment first.

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    Well, it depends on the the manufacturer it seems. I know most people seem to find that 8 1/2 stoppers fit. The brand I've bought fits 7 1/2 best. Do you know who makes the jug (or in my case, who sells the juice in the jug)? You can always buy an assortment of stoppers; they're cheap.
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    I have 4 different sizes in my collection of one gallon jugs:

    6,7.5,8.5 and one monster 9.5.

    I would just take it to the homebrew shop with you and test. I did that with the large one.


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