Hi gang!

I have been hard at work coming up with new ideas on how to reward my loyal patrons (THANK YOU!) with new and exciting additions to Gotmead. So, here's the next one:


Now, I have to assign accounts manually, and we only have 50 of them until I raise the $109 US (the software is $59 GBP) to upgrade to unlimited accounts, so the first 49 patrons (Angus already got one) to email me will get an account and directions on how to use it.

Patron pages lite allows me to give you up to 5 pages of your own to do whatever you like, and updating them is easy, and you don't have to know HTML. The menu link and the pages will be available for everyone to view your mead reminiscings.

I'm working on ways to get some cash into the GM coffers, so the rest of you be patient, I'll have it before long and will be able to upgrade, I'm sure! Meanwhile, everyone checkout all our cool affiliates (check the ads in the right column and on top, as well as the message I posted yesterday in the forum for links), do some holiday shopping, and toss a bit of cash my way!

Patrons, thanks again for your loyalty, and I hope you like this new toy.

Vicky - laboring long into the night on new stuff for GM