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    I just bottled my very first batch of mead (a very tasty batch of JAO - thanks Joe!!). In fact, it was my very first attempt at brewing anything. My intent was to try out a batch and see if homebrewing was the hobby for me (BTW, yes it is! Making the JAO was a blast! ), so I decided to invest very little in the way of "real" homebrewing equipment. I made a website for curious friends and family about my experience:

    Jeff Sullivan's Mead Experiment

    It's mostly written for people who don't know anything about mead or homebrewing, but the GotMead crowd may be interested in how I used a plastic beverage dispencer as a fermentation vessel and made a homemade airlock out of a plastic cup, a pen, and a baby food jar.

    [img width=300 height=223][/img]

    So if you're really bored, maybe you can peruse my website and let me know about any inaccuracies or faux pas I made during the process. I am a beginner and I would hate to mislead anyone who stumbled across my site looking for legitimate advice. And thanks to all the forum members who answered questions and gave advice. All the NewBees like me really appreciate it!

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    Wow, what neat things you do. I'll bet life is fun at Jeph's house!

    I love
    Grow fungi. It's fun.

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    Nice job on the site! No glaring inaccuracies that I spotted, all things considered. This is good introductory information, and it's presented in an easy, nontechnical, do-it-yourself kind of manner.

    Good work!


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