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Thread: Meadllennium 2007

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    Scheduled for January 27, 2007 in Orlando. Any of ya southern ladies and gents interested in providing a little impromptu GotMead presence (with the blessing of Vicky of course)at the event?

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    On second thought after reading a little more about this competition, it does not seem to be a big event. Anybody attended last year's event and can shed any light on it?


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    I've never had the pleasure of attending, but I've been invited on more than one occasion to help judge. IMHO - The CFHB bunch (Ron, Rockey, Ed, etc...) put on a solid competition each year and offer up very knowledgable & quality feedback to the entrants. I can personally endorse this one to prospective meadmakers who are looking for unbiased opinion(s) on their meads.

    CHEERS! Beertracker

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    Meadllennium is pretty much just a competition, and not an event like the Sunshine Challenge or Dixie Cup or Mead Fest. We are holding it at a new venue this year. The University of Central Florida has a wine tasing lab as part of their Rosen School of Hospitality. It was designed specifically for wine tasting, and we will be judging your meads in a place no other competition can match. Once again, we will be having a mead judging class for the judges, two weeks prior to Meadllennium.

    We can accomodate a few spectators, so if you are interested in seeing how Meadllennium runs, E-mail me and I will make arrangements. If some of you GotMead folks are going to be around, maybe we can get together Saturday night for our own MeadllenniumFest. HMMMM - judge meads all day - drink mead at night. Sounds like a great time!!!!

    I have posted the date to the GotMead calander, and an announcement to this forum. Be sure to check our web site out often. (www.cfhb.org/mead)

    Howard Curran
    Organizer - Meadllennium 2007

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