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Thread: Winemaker Magazine -- Label Contest

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    Default Winemaker Magazine -- Label Contest

    Winemaker Magazine hosts a label contest along with it's annual competition -- an opportunity for some really great creative efforts for home winemakers. Here's the URL where you can see some of the winning labels:


    We've got some really excellent artists on this list who have posted great examples of label artwork -- I think it would be great to see some GotMead folks in the Winemaker Magazine gallery.

    Oskaar and WW -- sorry, you'll have to keep it clean for the public.
    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    As I recall, you won something in the label contest a couple of years ago.


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    Default Re: Winemaker Magazine -- Label Contest

    Yes I did -- thanks. It was an honorable mention in the 2002 contest.

    It's a pretty simple label, hand drawn, cut and paste work using a photocopier. Nothing high tech.

    From what I've seen of our other label artists on these forums, I think a potential sweep of all categories is possible by GotMead.
    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    Dan McFeeley,

    When I saw your link to the wine label contest website, I thought, "Great! I can look through the wine labels and get ideas to make my own." I've been racking my brain trying to come up with something elegant and simple, maybe something that alludes to my Irish heritage. As I was scrolling through label after label, nothing struck my fancy...until I came across a wonderful label adorned with elegant celtic braids. "That's the kind of thing I like! It's perfect." I said to myself. "Hmmm, McFeeley's Mead. That name sounds familiar..." This is yours, right?

    <img src="http://home.comcast.net/~jephsulliva...eadLabel.jpg">

    It's such a nice label. I just wanted to let you know. Any tips on how to make something similar? Did you draw the patterns in pencil? How did you get the yellowed, parchment-like look?

    I was thinking of making labels on some standard blank address labels from an office supply store. Have any of you GotMeaders had luck with this approach? Do you have any alternatives that would work better? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Winemaker Magazine -- Label Contest

    Thanks -- yes, that was my label. It was all hand drawn, but not without a lot of effort on my part since I'm not an artist. The yellowed parchment look was easy to get -- I picked up a ream of parchment paper from a local office supply store and photocopied the label design on to it.

    If you're interested in looking further into Celtic knotwork design, try these: Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction, by George Bains. Celtic Knotwork, by Ian Bains.

    Check out anything and everything by Courtney Davis. Try a google search for his artwork and you'll see what I mean.

    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    Default Re: Winemaker Magazine -- Label Contest

    Well i guess this would be a great thread for me to get this question out here. How can I create my own labels, easily on my pc? I am certainly not the artist that Dan Mcfeely is, very nice label by the way, and I don't think I am nearly as tech savy as Wrath is with his, to produce anything like he does. I would like something simple. Maybe adding some clip art. I have microsoft publisher on my pc and have no idea what to do with it. Will that program let me create some sort of label? Is there anything out on the web that I could get cheap to produce some labels?
    Maybe wrath should start a custom label design buisness.

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    Default Re: Winemaker Magazine -- Label Contest

    Hello Kace --

    Dover Press has a lot of good stuff out with copyright free clip art you can use, borders, etc., for creating your own labels. A bit of patience, shrinking or expanding the pictures with a photocopier, a bit more cut and paste work, and you have your label! It's the low tech approach, but it works well.

    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    Thanks for the tips. I'm definitely going to check out those references. I already found Courtney Davis's site, and the artwork is just incredible!

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    Default Re: Winemaker Magazine -- Label Contest

    Hi folks,

    I make lables using MSWord. Use one of the Avery Label templates and it will bring up a whole page of labels shapes.

    If you click on Insert, picture you can find a ton of clip art either on your computer or you can connect to the MS website and find more.

    There is a METRIC BUTTLOAD of free clip art out on the web. Just do a search for it.

    One tip - reformat your clip art picture to allow the picture to float above the text. That allows you to really nestle the picture and the text around each other. The other formats are good too, but I really like the above the text option.

    BTW, I often just use the "insert table" function and make label squares that way. I then print them off, cut them apart and use a glue stick to put them on the bottle. I am not fond of the Avery glue. It is hard to get off the bottle after it's empty.

    I haven't tried to get any of those fancy label shapes but I bet with some effort it could be done.

    Oh, and one more tip: Work on one row of labels, get it right, then copy and paste it row by row. It's a lot easier than one at a time.

    Questions? Feel free to PM me with your question and your email addy and I'll do what I can to help.


    P.S. My husband does all sorts of things like this on MSPub. I just never learned how to work it so use MSWord. I think Pub has more options and is more graphical.
    "Spanky, Sparky, Buckwheat the Fourteenth - doing the right thing starts first thing in the morning, not after you are caught." -- John Criton FarScape

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