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Thread: Will the sulfite flavor mellow/disappear with age?

  1. Default Will the sulfite flavor mellow/disappear with age?

    I recently sulfited a batch of mead, let it sit in bulk for a couple months and bottled. Tasted a bottle just to see and I must have mismeassured the amount of sulfite I put in because its obnoxiously strong. I've sulfited in the past very lightly and never in enough amounts to taste so I dont know but I am hoping that it will fade away with age. Anyone know?

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    Default Re: Will the sulfite flavor mellow/disappear with age?

    Ouch! It may mellow, but hit us with all the gruesome details so that we can get a better idea of just how bad it is.

    How much did you intend to put in?
    How big was the batch?
    Do you have any idea where you mis-measured?
    What are you tasting?
    Potassium sulfite or sodium sulfite?

    The more details we have the better the help we can give.

    David Baldwin
    Michigan Meadery LLC


  3. Default Re: Will the sulfite flavor mellow/disappear with age?

    I intended to put in 1/8th tsp per gallon as I have heard that that is what a Campden Tablet equivalent is which I have been happy with in the past. My brewstore was out of campden tablets but had packets of sulfite.

    In this case however for 5 gallons I put in 6/8ths tsp. It was extra cloudy and I didnt think that little extra would matter however....

    My fear is I accidently grabbed the 1/4th tsp spoon by mistake! If I did then that would mean I added in 1 1/2 tsp sulfur into 5 gallons of mead.
    I am assuming that because the sulfur taste is very obvious.
    Upon prompting from my homebrew store owner I have begun sulfiting my corks (1/8th tsp disolved in water then soak my corks in them before bottling). The mead tastes great at first. Then the aftertaste is what one would expect from smelling sulfite disolved in plain water.

    The type is potassium metabisulfite (at least I am pretty sure. I am at work now).

    I've been making mead since 2001 but unfortunately due to my impatience and friends insistance to share my batches never get past 1 - 1.5 years bottled before its all gone so my experiance in aging is pretty limited.

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