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Thread: shipping mead part II

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    hello all.

    i'm a lot new to the forum, and a bit behind the mead competition.
    i know the deadline is the 15th, but what (in your opinions) would be the last possible day for shipping out entries from california?
    yeah i know cutting it REAL close.

    thanks for your time.

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    Welcome to GotMead Nessa!!!
    I'd say probably Dec. 8th, Standard UPS or FedEx. Over night or 2nd Day then two or three days before. How's San Diego Doing? I was born there in '69, moved out in '83. Heard it's gotten a lot bigger, there was hardly anything north of Scripps Ranch when I moved.


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    Hi Nessa,

    If it's shipped on or before the 15th I'm sure we will not have a problem.

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