Hi gang,

Sorry I'm not around much (I am busy behind the scenes, just don't have much time for posting at the moment), between working on GM, finishing the new Honeywine.com, rewriting the IMA sites and working on 4 other client sites, free time is a bit of a commodity around here.

Anywho, I've a couple new toys for you:

A new calendar - with categories for competitions, industry events, meadery events, and other cool stuff. You can enter your events here for all to see. Nessa has graciously offered to copy existing events from our forum calendar and other places on the 'net that have events listed. This calendar is much more full-featured than the old forum calendar, and we'll be moving all entries to there. You'll find the link in the left column under 'The Rest of the Story'. If you're entering a competition, please don't forget to both enter the *deadline* and the competition date, as 2 events.

Secondly, we now have a great article scroller the rolls through the titles of all the articles on Gotmead.com. Ever wonder if you're missing a great article just because the site is so huge? Then check out the scroller in the top right-hand corner. You'll see a scrolling real-time list of what's on the site at any given time. That coupled with our ***NEW*** news-layout front page and you'll find *tons* of great mead info to sink your teeth into. Watch for a new column that I hope to have soon from a meadster like y'all, chronicling his efforts in the mead-making world.

Patrons: A new edition of the MeadZine is coming in the next week, with several new articles and some great suggestions for recipes, and advice from experienced meadmakers.

The final Gotmead addition: Recipes that have been tried and are proven 'good' and 'repeatable' will now start receiving a GM Stamp of Approval, so you can search the recipe section and know that the stamp means its a tested recipe. Those of you that have recipes that have *for sure* worked, and can provide a detailed overview of methods/procedures, please consider entering them into the recipe file for others to benefit.

And please let me know that this is tested good, so I can stamp it. Please be aware that 'I made this' isn't good enough. To get the Stamp, it has to be tasted by an experienced meadmaker and pronounced well made. We're going here for tried and true recipes that use reproducible methods so that a consistently good mead can be made. "My friends who never had mead before say its good" isn't what we're looking for. If your recipe has won in competition, please include that when you enter the recipe, or tell us so we can include that in the recipe info.