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Thread: Florida State Beekeepers Mid Year Meeting

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    Default Florida State Beekeepers Mid Year Meeting

    Here's something that might interest any bee keeper near St. Augustine FL. The Northeastern Florida State Beekeepers Association is co-hosting the state mid year meeting at the Clay County Extension Center, near St Augustine, on June 9th,2007 from 8-4pm. The theme is Beekeeping, An Alternative Agricultural Enterprise: The Hobbyist and Sideliner. Seems there will be over 80 vendors, a beekeeping yard sale and other attractions along with lunch for a $20.00 registration fee due by June first, 2007. If anybody is interested more information is advailable at the Clay County Extension Center web site or you can e-mail Nancy Gentry, NEFHBA president at I'm hoping to bee there, anybody else?

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    Beeboy just went to a meeting of the nfba in Green cove Spring last week and am hoping to attend the beginner class on Sept. 8.. to see if I can start my own hive. thanks for the heads up on Nancy Gentry. Richard

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