My current 5gal batch has been brewing for about 10 days.I was planning on letting it go 2-3 weeks in primary fermentation. Anyway, the other day I noticed no bubble activity, mainly because the airlock was full of a thick, honey-colored foam. I swapped out airlocks and the bubbling resumed, but at a slowed rate. 24 hours later, the airlock was once again filled with foam. THis time, I (cringe) cracked the seal on my mead and took a look. There was a loose foam the waterline to the lid. Some of it was clining to the lid, and it almost had a slimy way about it when scooped and tossed into the sink. Also, once I put the lid back on, I gave it a freshly cleaned airlock. That was 24 hours ago. I just went in for my morning bubble check, and the airlock is full of foam again!

Any thoughts?