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Thread: Pics of my mead

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    Hey GMers,

    Check out a couple pics of some of my mead. I had some fun making some labels, and wanted to share. Thanks!


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    Love the Bee Pee label Catchy and creative.

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    Excellent job...

    What software, printer, and type of paper did you use on them?

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    Thanks, Pewter

    For Honeymoon, I created the art by hand, scanned it, and touched it up with Photoshop. I did the layouts in Adobe InDesign. For Bee Pee, I drew the bee in Illustrator. These are just mockups so I printed them on my little office printer on HP bright white paper and used spray adhesive to glue them on.

    I'm looking into having some printing done on Crack-n-Peel sticky paper. I've also spoken to Vicky about doing some labels for others when she gets the GM store up and running.

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