Hi everyone

Being that this is my first mead I thought I'd try a Joe's Ancient Orange Mead. I live in Australia and could only get a 5litre glass carboy so seeing as the original recipe was 4litres (1 gallon), I divided it by 4 and then times by 5 to get my ingredient list;

2kgs (4.4lbs) honey
30 raisins
1 1/4 orange, sliced into eighths
1 cinnamon stick
1 clove
1tsp Tandaco dried yeast (can't get Fleishmans)

Anyway, I followed the directions, but I missed the swirling in of the yeast and instead read the DO NOT SHAKE. So my yeast mainly sat on top of my oranges all night and this morning, 14hrs later, I had no real yeast action, no bubbling, no foaming just a little bubbling around the edge where some of the yeast had touched the liquid. I re-read the directions and swirled in the yeast this morning, but now nearly 2 hrs later I still have no action. I've been reading through all the other JOA threads, but so far it seems no-one else was stupid enough not to swirl in the yeast

Have I stuffed it up completely?
Should I give it a few more hours?
Should I re-pitch more yeast?
Have I made any other mistakes?
Should I accept I'm an idiot and stuffed up the foolproof mead

Here's a link to some photos I just took;

Please help, I'm way outta my league

Thanks, Suzy.