i'm starting to get a little discouraged here.

the first batch of mead i tried - real basic, just honey, a little yeast & water - turned into vinegar and i had to dump. i was meticulously clean, sanitizing everything, but there may have been an air leak in the cover and .. i dont know if that was a contributing factor .. but i just dont like drinking vinegar and gave up on it.

my 2nd batch was a 3gal batch and consisted of 1# honey per gal of water (i didnt want to wait 6 months for it to finish) plus yeast, yeast nutrients, and some defrosted blackberries i threw in to flavor it. again, everything was sanitized and very clean. it was fermenting okay in a glass carboy with air lock, except there was a sulfur smell. based on readings from a few mead forums, i added a little more yeast nutrient which *seemed* to make a difference.

anyway, after 5, 6 days all activity seemed to stop and i racked into another glass carboy. but - the smell was really nasty .. not sulfur, just baaad. i'm almost ready to chuck this one too. i cant imagine drinking something that smells so lousy .. unless someone tells me it will dissipate after a while.

any ideas if its bad, and what may have gone wrong?