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Thread: I like this mead video

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    5 parts so it takes a little while to see them all.

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    It is a well made video for a non-professional. I saw this video link from another board where they were not very kind to his practice of making mead. I can't find the link right now.

    I would not make mead like he does, but if he likes the final product, then who am I to critize?

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    I agree with liff, I would not make mead that way. Twenty pounds of honey, Holy Cow Batman! The FG on that one is probably 1.060. Can you say Diabetes. Your sugar buzz would outway your ! Anyway he was ok for his first time. I know I was not perfect my first, second, third.........
    Ok I still make mistakes but wow is the stuff I make good.
    If I was a mead what flavor would I be?

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