I have been thinking about an idea to extend the patron section in combination with the upcoming vBulletin.
what about a mediawiki integration?
Alot of valuable information is now scattered arround the site, or references to other sites on the internet.
A wiki would be the perfect tool to "localize" the information.

It also gives the "less experienced" patrons a change to contribute to GotMead in many ways.

the wiki could contain (brewgroup) testresults, techniques, equipment, extensive list of honeys, herbs (even easy tagged by their old name and uses) etc etc etc

This would make the patron section even more valuable, and another reason why people should support GM

just my 2cp

note: The reason why i would suggest mediawiki over another in combination with vbulletin is that mediawiki is the engine used on wikipedia which almost everyone knows how to use or to find his way around.
Theres also a cheap script (vbwikipro) that bridges the two, making administrating it straight from the Adminpanel of vBulletin even more easy. (also integrates users/userrights/discussion tabs etc etc)