Hi guys,

I find myself in possession of 55 (only *55*!!!) limited edition Gotmead t-shirts that were supposed to be for the May ComicCon in Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, my partner, Peter Vinton, the designer of the Gotmead meadwench and viking (who was the artist in residence) was unable to attend due to a death in his family, so we cancelled our trip to the convention.

These shirts are white, heavy quality name-brand pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts, in sizes ranging from adult SM to adult XL, and are $20 each. They are *not* Cafepress shirts, but digitally printed into the shirt, and will wear and wash very well.

They have the viking in his full glory, with gotmead.com around the outer edge of the knotwork on the left side, and www.petervintonjr.com (the artist) around the right outer edge. Underneath in large letters it says 'Got Mead?' and under that 'It's what's for breakfast!'

You can also view the huge version here.

So if you've been hankering for some Gotmead gear (or need to get a gift for someone who *might* be hankering), here is your chance to take advantage of my misfortune, and get yourself a shirt that isn't being sold anywhere else but right here. When they run out there won't be any more, possibly ever.

Payment of $20/shirt can be made to gotmead@gotmead.com via Paypal, or mailed to me at my snail mail address (please email me for the address). Shipping will be $4.00 for USPS Priority mail. (NOTE (UPDATE): Shipping a flat rate envelope is $4.80 (I'll eat the .80, since I didn't check this before posting), and I can jam one shirt into the envelope. More than 1 shirt (up to say, 10 shirts, shipping will be between $6 and $16, depending on the number of shirts and where they have to go (based on USPS Priority mail shipping charts)). International folks, email me, and we'll figure out shipping. Please check with me on size(s) that you want, as I've only got 10-15 of each size, so I don't want you to put up cash if I've run out of your size.

Thanks as always for your kind support, all profits from the site go primarily to support the site or secondly to feed the programmer (ok, and buy the occasional gallon of honey for meadmaking).

Vicky - busily collecting many cool references to drinking vessels throughout history for your pleasure while out on a recon mission on Google for a client