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    Well if all goes according to plan, I will be starting my first ever mead batch today. I'll be making Joe's Ancient Orange, which seems to be the standard first-timer's mead. I think I'm going to make a 3 gallon batch and a 1 gallon batch, so that I can sip on the 1 gallon while the 3 gallon one is aging. Still have to go buy the equipment from the brew store today. Hopefully this batch will be done just in time for Christmas, which would be a nice treat. Thanks everyone for all the tips and such. I'll keep posted on here how it is doing.

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    This is a great drink by Christmas pick.
    It tends to be sweeter on average but the flavors balance out surprisingly well. One thing of note: "Quick Rise" or rapid start bread yeast seems to ferment more and is more liekly to produce a dry mead.

    use the advanced search tool and search bread yeast and quick rise if youd like to know more.

    Good luck!
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