This thread needed to run it's course because there was an inflamatory statement made early on by Evergreenman about elitism in these forums based on a simple grafic moniker. This after only one month and 28 posts worth of exposure to this community.

Personally I think his post was dumb-assed and not really well considered or stated. Everyone has issues; but to project ones personal issues onto this forum is entirely unfair and is obviously anathema to what the people in this mead community have in their hearts as evidenced by the responses. Whatever Evergreenman's issues are, they are HIS issues and not the issues of our Patrons, Mentors or Administrators.

Evergreenman, I hope you are able to get past your aversion to our graphical acknowledgment of hard work, selflessness and eagerness to help people who are motivated to learn about mead. We'll understand either way. Remember that going forward there are rules you agreed to when you registered which require you use the facilities of this forum (i.e. search tool, etc.) and you may trust that you, along with everyone else here will be held to them. I think you'll find that the search tool and the similar thread feature provide a ton of information readily accessible at your fingertips (which to your credit you have already acknowledged in other threads) and will help you along the way as you research mead and meadmaking.

I'm capping this thread and locking it down. Any further "last word" posts will be moderated.