hey everybody. I've never fermented anything before, but i wanna get into mead making. I don't know alot about it, but i know the general process from all the recipes and videos i've watched on it. I just wanted to run my recipe by to make sure it would produce a nice, sweet mead.

I wanna make my first batch a sweet metheglin, and it's only gunna be a gallon batch because i don't feel like making more than that to find that i messed something up :P so im gunna start small and if i like it make a bigger batch. I would also like to use ingredients they would have had back in the ancient days (hypothetically speaking) except for the yeast:

3lbs. Honey (not sure what kind it is, its a local honey. It's pretty dark)
1Gallon Water
1 handful of raisins as a yeast nutrient
Orange skins as yeast nutrient and flavor
Vanilla bean
Lalvin D-47 yeast

I'd like to add little Black Tea as a source or tannin, but im not sure how much, how, or why to add it :/

Like i said, I'm new to Mead making. Any tips or advice to help get me started would be VERY much appreciated