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When I went to edit a post, instead of a [save] button the buttons said [vote now], [cancel]. When I went to re-edit the post just a minute later there were 3 buttons - [cancel], [x], [cancel]. Yes two cancel buttons, one where the [vote now] button was on the first edit. Also when I open an embedded pic instead of a [x] for close I get [vote]. Anybody else getting screwy text in the buttons?


Depending on what browser and plugins installed thatwill tell us what troubble shooting steps you will have to preform.

A good step is first to clear cache and cookes.

In Ie 6 to clear cache and Cookies :

Click > Tools > internet options > delete Cookies > THEN > delete temp files (always include off line content) > THEN > click> Settings > click> Radio buton Check for newer versions of the web page >SELECT > Always > click> ok > THEN > Ok.

In IE 7 and 8 the same proccess is folowed but both cookes and cache will be deleted once you select the delete button. You will be presented with a options dialog box select delete. You may wish to uncheck the preserve favorites ( if you have got mead in your favs we need to be able to delete
the cookies cache as its the site you are having probems with.)

For Firefox -

Tools > Privacy > remove individual cookies. Select gotmead.com and delete.

Tyr these steps and get back to me