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    I just started my fist batch of mead on sunday. I added my yeast yesterday and it seems like it is starting really slow. Every thing was cleaned beforehand and I started the yeast before adding. I am getting a few bubbles but not as much as I expectid. last night it was really cold out and where I was keeping it got down to 60F. I was wondering if this would stall the yeast compleatly? I will airate when i get home this evening. Any suggestions?

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    60 shouldn't be cold enough to stop the yeast. You have to get it down near freezing for a good amount of time to stop it reliably, and even then it is liable to come back when it warms back up.

    Can you post your recipe, process, and starting gravity? My suspicion is that you didn't add any nutrients to your must, and that's why your fermentation is so slow.

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    could be your strain of yeasts characteristic. What kind did you use? Personally I ferment in a 50-60 degree Fahrhenheit basement and have never had a problem. I mostly use D-47 though. But even ale yeasts have fared well but I know some strains wont tolerate it.
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    Welcome to GotMead adammessmer!

    To give you a correct answer for this (and almost all) fermentation question, we need you to provide the details of your recipe and the steps you took in preparing the must and yeast. If you provide it in the format described in the FAQ, it will help.

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    As Medsen said:

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    Exact recipe, ingredients and process please. Leave nothing out.

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