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    I don't have any questions-yet.
    I just wanted to introduce myself.
    I came across this site searching for Mead-duh!!
    It looks like a really good site,I have made different ciders,but never Mead.
    I have a regular Mead going and a Rasberry Mead going,can't wait to try them,but it will be awhile,as I just started them today!!!
    Grats on a really good looking site,I will use it quite often.

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    This is the best site for real info on mead I'v learned alot just by reading other posts. Use the search to review older threads all the info you need is right here.

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    Welcome to GotMead zemenar!!

    This is a fantastic site for mead, as well as other related topics (honey, yeast, etc.).

    Congrats on your first two meads! Your "regular" mead is more accurately described as a "traditional" if you plan to add nutrients, or a "show" mead if you plan to just use honey, water and yeast. Which brings up your brewlog. Do you have one? If not, I highly recommend keeping one. Since there is a fairly long gap between production and consumption, if will be a tremendous help to go back and review your process & ingredients as you drink it to know what, if anything, you want to change/tweak for subsequent batches.

    Plus, you will get GREAT input and feedback from the mentors here if you post up your log in the Brewlog section.

    Welcome again, and here's to some great mead!

    Magnificent, Enchanting, Alcohol Delight - MEAD!

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    Welcome to GotMead zemenar!!!

    There is a great deal of information here, both in the forums and on the main site. Do take some time to look at the NewBee Guide if you haven't already - loads of useful info.

    Good meading!
    Lanne pase toujou pi bon
    (Past years are always better)

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