Sadly, search functions in forum software tend to be rather poorly done. This is the case with every forum package I've researched in the last several years.

We are aware of the apostrophe thing, and that is an issue in mySQL, where an apostrophe indicates the end of a field. It wants to see a /'/ inside a field to indicate the apostrophe, escaping it so it can be read. However, this doesn't work great in the search.

We may at some point introduce a Google search on the site, I'll put it on my list of things to research. That list is very long, and I'm doing this in my spare time from working for a startup company, so it goes slowly. I'll not use Bing, I've had too many issues with it, and gotten way too many negative reports on it.

Glad you like the site! I'll keep working to make it better and more informative.