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    Hey everyone. So, I've got two batches of mead going in primary stages, each with different yeasts. They both have ample growth, I know that the yeast is alive and well but there are no significant changes in the SG. One of them has been in about 9 days and the other only 3. The 3 day old mead is a big batch, about 6 gallons of water, should I pitch a second bag of yeast? Just be patient?
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    I don't have enough experience to really help you out on this, but I can tell you this: The people who can help you are going to want recipe and process details with complete ingredients and aeration/nutrient schedules.

    For what it's worth, my first non-JAO mead didn't have any gravity change for a day or two, in spite of obvious signs of fermentation.

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    They're both well aerated and I've given both of them energizer.

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    When slowbie was asking for details, he means explicit details.

    How many pounds of honey? How much water?
    What other ingredients?
    What was the starting gravity? the pH?
    What yeast?
    What temperature?
    How did you rehydrate the yeast?
    How did you mix the must?
    etc. etc. etc.

    If you can provide that information, you'll get better answers. There are many things that can cause a very slow start. If you see signs of active fermentation, usually the gravity will start dropping shortly thereafter. Just make sure that CO2 bubbles are not causing it to read higher than it should (de-gas sample or spin the hydrometer).

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    Also, what do you mean by growth? That there is a growing pile of lees?

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