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Thread: <Jack Sparrow>Couldn't resist, mate</Jack Sparrow>

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    Default <Jack Sparrow>Couldn't resist, mate</Jack Sparrow>

    Heh. While cold crashing a bottle of Metheglin in the snow the sun came out. Too beautiful an opportunity to miss so I snapped a picture of it.

    Yeah. I know. Cold crashing should be done before bottling...
    Believe me. I did. To no avail, though. Bentonite didn't totally clear it up either so I bottled while still a bit hazy.
    Of course I stabilized before bottling so it isn't really cold crashing, but in a colder liquid particles have a tendency to precipitate sooner, I was told.

    Sitio ergo sum
    I thirst, therefore I am.

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    Nice! If you were making huge quantities of that stuff, that'd make a great marketing image.

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