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    Default JAO - Bucket or Carboy?

    When everyone here makes their large batches of JAO, what do you prefer fermenting bucket or carboy? The only reason I ask is because getting those oranges out is a pain!

    I really like the JAO and want to make a large batch so that's why I'm asking.


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    If you plan to follow Joe's recipe exactly, use the carboy.

    If you don't mind deviating and voiding the warranty, it is easier to manage in a bucket and then rack to a carboy.
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    I have never made JAO, but it's the only recipe my wife makes.

    She makes it in one gallon batches, according to the recipe, and just uses a bottle brush to get the fruit out after fermentation. After a couple months in the bottle, it's pretty soft, and not really a problem to get out of the bottle. In a 5 gallon batch, it may be a bit more difficult, but only because a 5 gallon carboy can be a bit unwieldy.

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    Just adding a little more to Medsen's post -- buckets are used in the early stages of fermentation, when oxygen is needed to help the yeasties get a foothold in the honeymust. Once past that stage, it's best to transfer to glass.

    Either way, at some point you'll be dealing with spent orange sections in a carboy.

    I just shake the carboy to get the oranges out -- a quick and vigorous shaking will quickly get an orange into the neck of the carboy and from there a paring knife will ease it out. It works with either a one gallon or five gallon carboy.

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    I wouldn't leave it in the fermentation bucket for longer than the primary fermentation. I had a bucket spring a leak not too long ago. Not fun, and I lost my leap-year mead.

    If you do a JAO in the 1 gallon demijohns, I recommend a metal crochet hook to help get the orange bits out. Size K works the best.

  6. Default carboy or bucket?

    I've made JAO twice, and both times it took about 6 months to become drinkable. I use a plastic water bottle (as it's impossible to find carboys in my country). The plastic bottles, of course, can be chucked out at the end of the process.

    I don't know if the plastic contributes to it taking so long to become good.

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    I've got some in a 3-gallon Better Bottle right now. With my first batch I found out the value of being able to see when it's clear.

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