I finally got around to doing the next version.


  • Method of calculation now uses a third degree polynomial to determine Brix from SG, rather than assuming 8 gravity points per gallon of honey in 5 gallons. (thenew value is between 6 and 7 gravity points)
  • Switched layout location of Target SG & Vol with Current SG & Vol (as suggested by Angus)
  • Potential Alcohol Conversion utility added
  • Conversion of quarts/pints/cups/... to Gallons fixed
  • Blending utility selects the volume when you click the associated text entry box
  • Blending utility added radio buttons to change the headings (eye candy!)
  • Batch Util calculations now use 3rd degree polynomials to convert SG to Plato/Brix/Balling
  • Blending Utility now has buttons to select which value to calculate
  • Changing the Gravity type or PA type on the Batch Utility changes the selection on the Potential Alc utility (but not vice versa)
  • Added reset and clear buttons to the Blending Util

Note, the change in layout (2nd dot point) may confuse people for a bit, since the results are at the top, not the bottom now.

An obvious addition is dot point 3, the Potential Alcohol Conversion (I've forgotten who suggested this, but thanks!)

[Note: the attached doc files contain html. I had to save it as a doc file to attach them. Attaching as a zip file didn't work]