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Thread: "Personalization" or "15 Pieces of Flair"

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    Default "Personalization" or "15 Pieces of Flair"

    So I found this really neat bottle the other day that I'd like to use when my mead is ready to be bottled. It's a flat, thick, clear glass bottle with a Grolsch style top. Kinda reminds ya of those hip-flask shaped bottles that you can get whiskey in, only with a Grolsch style top. So anyway, this got me thinking about some of the cool personalization that can go into mead-making. Well, not mead-MAKING, mead PACKAGING.

    So I have a few questions for the community.

    First, do any of you regularly use oddly shaped bottles or have one specific bottle you've used in the past that you've particular liked or thought looked cool?

    Second, do any of you get super involved in label design?

    Lastly, what are some of the names that you've come up with for your brews that you are particularly proud of or that you think are especially clever? Also, how do you come up with your names?

    If you have any pictures of your favorite bottles or of your labels, I'd love to see them.

    Thanks everyone,
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