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Thread: Great site/forum...

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    Thumbs up Great site/forum...

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd jump in here and introduce myself...
    The site and forum looks great, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks in advance for all of the work you guys put into your craft...and your willingness to share the knowledge.
    I look forward to starting my own first batch this weekend... ( if I can find a hydrometer )... all else is ready.
    Anyway, good to be here !

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    Hello New Meadmaker,

    Welcome to Got Mead?

    There is a wealth of knowledge here to help you learn how to make great mead. When you get your first batch going, make sure to get it into the brewlog and the Mead Mentors will chime in if you have questions, or if something seems to be going awry.

    Once again, Welcome to Got Mead? and we wish you the very best in mead, meadmaking and mead drinking!


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Alright, I'll be sure to start the brewlog asap when I get started. I am going to a local brew shop here in Dallas today to pick up a hydrometer and some air locks.... mixing the must tonight ! thanks for the advice, peace.

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