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Thread: I'm sorry if this is wrong place to ask but does Bunratty Meade in a ceramic bottle

  1. Default I'm sorry if this is wrong place to ask but does Bunratty Meade in a ceramic bottle

    Does Bunratty Meade in a ceramic bottle have a shelf life?
    Thank you!

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    I'm not familiar with the ceramic container mentioned, but mead is similar to any wine. Protect it from oxygen and light and store at a consistent cool temperature and it will last as long as you can wait to drink it.

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    A closed bottle should be good for years as long as it remains sealed, but once you break the seal, the clock starts ticking. An opened bottle of wine DOES have a limited shelf life, even if you use the rubber corks where you can use a vacuum pump to suck the air out of the bottle so it doesn't oxidize.
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    Even without opening it, I'm not sure how long Bunratty's will age without deterioration given that it is basically a white wine with some honey added. It probably isn't something that will age for a decade even stored in the best of conditions.

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