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Thread: Aging Temp - Is 55 to 57 F OK?

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    Default Aging Temp - Is 55 to 57 F OK?

    I know that the recommended aging temp is 60 F. I have a small wine chill 'fridge that measures at a stable 55 to 57 F. Is that still OK for aging the mead?

    Since I don't have a basement or anyplace else that comes close to a relatively stable 60 F, this 'fridge seems to be my best option.
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    I'm pretty sure that will be fine, a lot of the folks here do their primary fermentation even colder than that. Secondary and aging should be fine at that temp.
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    The temperature is ok, but is there any vibration present from the cooling system? That can be detrimental to a wine, or mead. A small cooler might be ok for short term storage of wine, but unless it's not only cool, but dark and quiet (no vibration), it may not be the best thing for aging.

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    Hell, I've kept gallon batches in my fridge for 6 months before bottling, and things came out just fine. :-)

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