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Thread: Mead Day in Fullerton California 11/14/10

  1. Default Mead Day in Fullerton California 11/14/10

    Hello all,

    Been too long since I poked my head into these forums. It's good to be back and see the place still as active as ever.

    I will be doing a mead demo / tasting on November 14th in Fullerton to help the new local home brew supply store. I will be bringing 2 differant batches of Joe's (one with oranges and one with pink grapfruit) and my quite leathal Chocolate mead for tasting. Hopefully others can swing by and sample and bring some of your own meads for sampling. The fun will get started around 2 P.M. Here is the addressP:

    Addison Homebrew Provisions

    1328 E. Orangethorpe Ave
    Fullerton, CA. 92831 US

    Anyone going to be able to make it?


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    I won't be able to make it, but I'd sure like to hear more about this lethal chocolate mead!
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    I have a pretty tasty hibiscus metheglin that I could bring some of. I'd also like to pick your brain about the chocolate usage. Sounds like a fun time. Count me in!
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    California rocks--I'm doing one in Elk Grove first Saturday in November. Heh heh heh

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    I may have to represent the traditionals!!

  6. Default Mead Day

    I will be happy to discuss all aspects of my chocolate mead at the mead day. Its not a real secret. I would love to taste your meads as well. This is going to be quite the party

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    I will do my best to be there, and I'll certainly bring some mead with me for sampling.

    I'll also see about doing an "Oskaarz" mead making methodology demo for whoever is there when I arrive. It will be in the late afternoon as I am scheduled to handle some issues in my Orange County office that morning.


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Great event today down in Fullerton! Thanks to Scott for organizing the whole thing and it was a real treat to taste all of the meads everyone brought to the table. We should make these mead get-togethers happen more frequently!

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