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Thread: Invitation to Competition in Poland

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    Default Invitation to Competition in Poland


    You are cordially invited to the VII Meads Competition at Parpary in Poland.
    The contest will be held on November 6, 2010.
    There will be two categories:
    - Open category for the commercial meaderies and brave amateurs
    - Amateur divided into melomel and homogenous and spices meads (together)
    For those interested in translate the full rules and entry form.


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    Dziękuję bardzo for the invitation, Michael! Unfortunately I have nothing ready to enter at this time (and I suspect that shipping amateur entries from here in North America might take too long for a contest scheduled to happen in 3 weeks), but if this is an annual event, I will make note of it for next year!
    Na zdrowie!

    Wayne B.

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    I also am sad to say I have nothing ready, next year I'd love to participate though!

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    ha ha! if I could get there, I'd be too busy finding honey dealers, as it seems that you blokes in Poland can get some really good honey.........

    Hey ho.....


    here's me home brewing blog (if anyones interested....)
    and don't forget
    What the large print giveth, the small print taketh away! Tom Waits.....

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    Sorry for this late posting about our Contest. By the end we did not know whether to do the Open category. Competition is an annual of course.
    Get ready now your meads for the next contest next year!

    But maybe someone manages to send a bottle this year?

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    Sooo...you can ship alcohol abroad?

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    I'm told that if you bottle it in a wine bottle with its original winery label it works a whole lot easier (maybe mail the actual label separately)... you'd have to check with Border Services at both ends I suspect... I found the number for Canada but I've not called it yet about the group brew, will post to that thread when I do finally get around to it.
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