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Thread: Easy way to clear unread posts?

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    Default Easy way to clear unread posts?

    Hey guys, this is just me being lazy, but I find it unusual that even though we have a link to unread posts (the one in the upper right, and a very handy link, at that), one has to then go back to the main forum page to mark all unread posts as read. Am I missing something, or is there a way that we could put in a link to mark all posts as read when we're already at the page for unread posts?

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    In the "Quick Links" dropdown menu, one of the options is "mark forums read".
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    Hi Dave,

    Welcome to Got Mead?

    Questions like this should go in the Newbie's section. This is more for suggestions regarding new forum functions, tools and toys. One of the very cool things you have at your disposal as a Patron is the chat room, which is vastly underutilized. It's a great way to interact with other Got Mead? Patrons, as well as to pick up some great meadmaking information and techniques. Just post up in the hive that you're going to be hanging out in the chat room and you'll generally pick up someone who is looking to have a conversation.

    BTW, I'm moving this thread to the Newbie section.

    Hope that helps, and Welcome again!


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