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  1. Question Calculator problem

    I just started a Cyser as follows:
    K1V cultured 24hrs @ 70deg
    34oz Clover Honey
    Unfiltered pasturized cider to 1 gal (some reserved for headroom makeup)
    1 cinnamon stick.

    I got a hydrometer reading of 1.098 corrected.

    The canculator here say I should be getting SG 1.114/ Pot ABV 14.84 with the Honey alone.
    When I add in .95 gal apples (no drop down for juice or cider) it gives SG 1.167/ Pot ABV 20.75.

    I am needless to say, confused. That's a huge difference and I'm too ignorant of this stuff to figger it out.
    Straighten me Naz, I'm ready.
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