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    Default Thread Tools - "Add This Thread to Favourites"

    Hi, I would really like to know how/if this tool actually works.

    I love this site and all the information herein but I find it very difficult to find things, I'm slowly learning tricks with the search tools but one thing I can't get it to do is spit out all my Brewlog posts so I can update or add new brewlogs, last time I tried, I entered my user name and told it to search that forum, and it came up with no hits so I don't even know for sure that I'm using that tool correctly. Eventually I resorted to having it sort the Brewlog by starter's username and figuring out approximately what page I'm on, which kind of works but isn't really optimal... but at least I know whether or not I've actually made a brewlog for a batch, instead of not knowing whether I got the search term right...

    And any thread that I think I might later want to use as reference, I add to my browser's favourites/bookmarks but it'd be nice if I had some way in-forum of tagging them so I can go back to the information instead of taking ten minutes to come up with the right search terms (sometimes it's a broad subject and I can't figure out how to narrow it down, for example, it always takes me a couple tries to find the post about sweetening sparkling mead where I outline a procedure I found to do it with stabilization).

    I was poking around today and looked in the Thread Tools and saw an "Add to Favorites", so I'm thinking, "Hey, this is just what I need so I can find stuff again!" but I can't figure out how to access the list of favourites, and when I looked in the Board FAQ, I think maybe it hasn't been updated because it doesn't have the same list of options and searching the Board FAQ for "favorite" (yes, I spelled it the US way) gives me something about polls, which near as I can tell aren't an option anymore anyway.

    How do I look at things I've marked "favourite"?

    Is there a better way to tag things so I can find them again without wishing vile things upon the forum's search tool?
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