A few corrections to my original post. Pardon the quasi html, hopefully it makes sense.

(from the section on Pith)
* (line modified)remove the pith from inside the orange but leave the peel on
* zest & remove the peel from (change)half (/change)the orange(s) to be used
* (added line) Be sure to cut into 8th's small pieces provide more surface area to impart pith taste

(from the section on raisins)
A: ...nitrogen rich berries get much better results. (Added sentence)Using "golden" raisins generally does not have as good of results as plain raisins.

(from the section about adding more spice)
A: Mead is extremely good at extracting (change)flavor(/change) from spices...

(from the section on removing spice)
A: The clove and cinnamon help to balance the sweetness just as the tang from the (change)pith(/change) does.

(new question)
Q: My JAO is way too sweet!

A: This is the most common complaint from people who prefer drier wines.

If you find your first JAO too sweet the best way to fix this is to modify the recipe to 3 pounds per gallon of honey instead of 3.5 pounds.