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Thread: Marking just one thread as "Read"

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    Default Marking just one thread as "Read"

    Hey all, this may be the wrong place for this, but I wasn't sure if "Site Tips/Tools/Suggestions" was the right place either...so I'm erring on the side of this being general chit-chat.

    Is there any way to permanently mark one specific thread as "Read"? I'm just a little tired of seeing "1 Unread Post", eagerly clicking to see what someone has posted, only to find it's just the same long thread getting one more response.

    As an example, the JAO sticky thread seems to get a bump every now and again, but I frankly don't have the time or interest to read through all 1,000+ posts just to gain some context for the most recent post.

    So...is there a way to just label it as permanently "Read", or will I just have to deal with the false sense of excitement created whenever I see that "Unread Post" button light up?
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    I hear you Yogi, there are a couple of 'chit-chat' threads that have little to do with mead that I'd like to silence too, however I seriously doubt this is a feature currently built into the forum code.
    So you mean, just like you can 'subscribe' to a thread, you'd like to be able to blacklist one also?
    It's a nice idea, but the mechanics of such a thing would not be a small addition to the forum, unless somebody has already built an addon to do it. My best bet would be to schedule a custom app on you pc to run evey hour and simply mark the ones you aren't interested in as read. It's not perfect but it would work.
    It's not something that's annoyed me enough yet to want to try to implement, or to look into how hard it would be for forum code.
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