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Thread: Tomorrow be Monday ...

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    Default Tomorrow be Monday ...

    I really do hate Mondays, my job is fine and all but after a relaxing weekend Monday is just a drag.

    I like me some blues so I'll put up some T-Bone Walker - father of the electric blues. I think this is very early '60s Newport Jazz festival - crank it up

    Stormy Monday

    They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesdays just as bad ...

    Wednesday is worse, and oh Thursday is oh so sad ...

    The eagle flies on Friday, and Saturday I go out and play ....

    The reference "the eagle flies on Friday" refers to the old tradition of Friday being payday. Also known as "the eagle shits on Friday" ... the eagle either referring to the US Eagle that is/was so common on currency

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    It's been Monday for hours here. Luckily I have an easy work day today, the sun is shining, the snow is rapidly melting, and the morning coffee is hot.

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    I work retail, Saturday and Sunday mean nothing to me, though I did have yesterday off this week, but that was for a highway trash pickup on a stretch of highway my kindred has adopted. Ouchie ouchie, I am dreading Monday this week, but it's cause my back aches, heh.
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    To misquote..."Rainy days, and work days always get me down..."
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    Wow so I TOTALLY jinxed myself here...someone tried to break into the store last night, cut the power and the phone line. They didn't get in, but spent almost the entire day (til about 4) with no phone, no internet, and no credit card machine, then had to re-network the computers because the hard reset messed with their little Microsoft brains. I am exhausted, my head hurts, and I never want to argue with that many people again that a debit card is a type of card transaction, and no, I really can't use it until they fix the phone line.
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    That sounds like a mess... the grocery store I used to frequent had someone pry up the corner of the flat roof to break in... I think it cost the store more to clean up afterwards than was stolen...
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