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    I have 7 lbs of carrot blossom and 7 lbs of meadowfoam honey on the way. I am looking to make about 2 gallons of mead with each and I want to showcase the flavors of the honey in their mead. I am shooting for about 14% abv. I plan on using 6 pound of honey then filling with water until I get about 1.11 og. I want to save 1 pound of honey for backsweetening each batch. I thinking about going with K1-V116, I am having good luck with it with my cyser. Would anyone suggest a different yeast? I also plan on adding nutrients in steps. Should I anything else to the mead? Should I be testing for pH? If so when? Any other tips would be great. I want to showcase the flavors of the honey in their mead.

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    You might take a look at DV10, ICV-D21 or QA23. They're all quick, clean and leave your mead very true to the original honey.

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    Dunno about the other two Oskaar mentioned, but D21 is one of my favourites.....
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    I find that more often that not, I need at least 0.5 grams per gallon of potassium bicarbonate to keep the pH from dropping too low. That works out to around 1/2 tsp for a 5 gallon batch.

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    Thanks for the tips. I will take a look at the yeast listed.

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