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    Default Winemaking iPad App

    I've been reading some reviews about a winemaking app on the iPad that's been doing the rounds. It's a little on the pricey side ($15), but seems like it fits the bill, the developer is responsive and open to improvement suggestions.

    I realise there'll be a lot of people here that are very much happy with pen and paper, or excel spreadsheet, but for me this is ideal, allows me to email information out, or export to PDF or excel.

    It allows me to plot pretty much anything I want, log information to journal and all the other good stuff. I've also asked the dev if there can be alerts and notifications added to the app (reminders for checking SG during 2 stage, or cold crash for example).

    Anyway, I'd not seen it mentioned on here before so I thought I'd share..... here's the blurb from the application page.

    Winemaking is a replacement for the pen and paper journals that Winemakers use to keep track of their wine batches. Winemaking expands on the paper and pen journal by adding Batch, Journal and Data entry tools, as well as commonly used conversions and other calculations used by winemakers during the winemaking process. Additionally, data collected can be mailed to any email account using the built in mailer feature.

    There can be many batches tracked at the same time. Batches contain top level information about your wine batches in process such as description, common name, varietal, and some initial metrics. You can have many wine Batches running simultaneously. Batches can contain many Journal entries.

    Each Journal entry looks a lot like a paper journal entry. Your Journal entries are tagged with a date, and a title, and contain an editable text field for writing your notes. This is where you enter your notes. Each Journal entry can contain many Data entries.

    Data entries can optionally be added to each Journal entry, and can contain any named data you want to track. The Data values are numeric, and each contains Name, Date and Value fields.

    For any selected Batch, you can plot all occurrences of any named Data item for all Journals in the selected Batch over a specified date range. Plots are displayed with dates in the X axis and values in the Y axis.

    Winemaker also contains calculators for commonly performed conversions of Volumes, Masses, Temperature, as well as some specific calculations for winemakers such as SO2 additions and Sugar adjustments. There is also a blending calculator where you can calculate results of blending two wines together. An example would be blending a high acid with a lower acid wine, and the calculator finds the resulting acid level.

    Plots, Journal Entries with or without Data and complete Batch records can be sent to any email address, allowing you to import your information into external tools like Numbers or Excel for additional tracking or analysis.

    There is a quick reference guide built in with introductory step by step guidelines for making red or white wines. Included in the reference material is a common equipment list, as well as a beginners guide to the minimal required equipment for a first batch of wine. Also listed are recommended chemicals for winemaking and adjustments. A short troubleshooting section exists for common issues encountered during the process.

    An internal help system documents the overall use model for WineMaker.

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    I like the Mead Log here!
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    Sounds pretty neat but I'm a pen-and-paper luddite, I repeat my logs here and I summarize everything on a spreadsheet but it's hard to go compeltely paperless without a laptop/ipad/smartphone.
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