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    Default Bored with Waiting = JAOM

    Yes, I got bored with waiting for my traditional to mature, so I've decided to knock up a batch of JAOM. My question is whether a dash of vanilla bean will add to the otherwise standard JAOM recipe? I'm a bit partial to vanilla, but I also accept it doesn't always work with everything.



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    One other thing I forgot to mention, I had a few pounds of Sourwood kicking around, will it be a waste to use this in a JAOM, should I just go and buy some generic blend?
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    Well sour wood isnt one I can get but its supposed to make good meads by all account Tony,so iI'd likely not use it for a JAO.

    I'd also say that if you haven't made JAO yet, try to make a benchmark batch or as close to the original recipe as you can. Then you could experiment with some vanilla extract or even just a quarter of a vanilla pod dropped in a bottle etc.

    If you've got a fermenter big enough, a 3 or 5 gallon batch would give you enough bottles to drink/age/experiment etc i.e. JAO finishing sweet so maybe a couple with vanilla and maybe another 1 or 2 to replicate the Moniack findings - you should have about the right residual sugars so enough acid to drop the pH to the 2.6pH I measures or smaller increments and taste tests etc......

    JAO should normally be ready as per the recipe in about 2 months as per the recipe (I always wait for the fruit to drop as it can be a bit of a bugger to rack as bread yeast lees are very fluffy and come back into suspension even when they think you've given them a sly look).

    Get a few 1 gallon batches of different honeys or other recipes going too, it makes the waiting less painful joes quick grape mead is supposed to be good quite quickly too. Plus if you can get wyeast liquid smak pack locally loveofrose and a few others have been on about this BOMM recipe that uses the wyeast 1388 belgian ale yeast and is apparently quite drinkable in a month or so......

    If I get my stuff checked through and bottle anything decent (in the next month or so) I'll pm you for an address (or is that a problem with the US postal regs).......
    here's me home brewing blog (if anyones interested....)
    and don't forget
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    Thanks FB (as always excellent advice).

    So today I plan to head to the LBS and grab a 6 Gallon carboy (not happy with the headspace in my 6.5 that's maturing), and 3 x 1 Gallon Carboys. I'll get some supermarket honey for the 1 Gal JAOM. Use the Sourwood varietal for a 1 Gal traditional using that; and use the other 1 Gal, probably for a methglin or acerglin, not decided yet, but no idea what varietal I want to use for that yet (maybe a blend like Ocsaar uses with buckwheat for a heavy base and something light and airy on top of it)

    Thanks again.

    You're not in control, the yeast is! - Chevette Girl 2013

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