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    Default Headspace and splashing

    I did a search of the forum on the topic of headspace -- although I found a number of references to headspace I did not encounter any specific recommendations.

    #1 - Is there a rule of thumb on how much headspace can cause oxygenation and off taste? For example, my five gallon black currant batch was reduced to about 4.75 gallons after three rackings. Is this too much?

    #2 - What about time? Does the problem occur fairly quickly (ex a week) or after longer term storage?

    #3 - Also when I was doing my search I found several references to splashing. I didn't know splashing was a problem. When we racked the third time and added stablizers we gave the carboy a good shake. Did we mess up the batch?

    thank you

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    Splashing and shaking will allow any oxygen in the carboy to be absorbed by your mead. While I'm fairly new to making mead, I'm an old hand at brewing beer. So I have several CO2 tanks. When I'm about to rack, I blanket the target carboy in CO2, rack and then top off the headspace with CO2.

    On the third racking, were the stabilizers you added sulfites? IIRC, sulfites bond with oxygen molecules. So you may be okay. Depends on how much you used. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can give you more of a definitive answer.

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