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Thread: Friday The 13th - Full "Honey Moon"

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    Default Friday The 13th - Full "Honey Moon"

    Yep, they have dubbed the full moon of June 2014 the "Honey Moon", even better it's Friday the 13th! In my mind that calls for making a very special batch of mead. Maybe I'll start a step fed batch and try for a ridiculous ABV.

    Anyone else planing to mark this serendipitous celestial event?
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    Sweet, my birthday is not only a Friday 13th but also a full moon... I will not be starting a mead tomorrow however I will be baking all kinds of stuff for my party and I'm sure honey will factor in somewhere.
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    Sure. Why not?

    Better brewing through science!
    Better brewing through science!

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    Happy birthday C.G.

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