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Thread: Good locations for an office

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    Hello everyone. I am about to open my pet supply shop in LA. Any good areas you can suggest? Preferably those with many pet owners. Thanks!

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    up! hope someone replies. thanks!

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    up! ....................

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    Up! Hope someone replies soon!

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    I'll reply if it will make you feel better but I live in Vancouver BC. I would guess that none of our members live in LA and that is why you have had no replies. Other than that, Welcome to Gotmead.
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    Or that people don't know much about pet supplies

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    Or that this site is about mead, not pets. Can't imagine why you would think your question was.....
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    I wasn't asking your thoughts on pet products just was going to ask someone to about some potential rental spaces I found in LA BUT it's okay, hopefully someone with something helpful to say might stop by and lend their thoughts.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Sorry, just not that many of us from your area, I guess.
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    LA? Never been there.

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